Bamboo harp :-) (just experiment of my friend)

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Bamboo harp :-) (just experiment of my friend)

Beitragvon Jana » Fr 6. Mär 2009, 23:16

Hello to all :D
I tought that you might like this. My friend - harpmaker is a bit crazy and very creative man and he still invent something funny and very unusuall.
Some half year ago he told me that he made harp from bamboo and I was laughing and I told him, that he probably felt from moon. Month after
I heard that harp and oh my god! Against my old medieval harp from maple, it has very unusuall sound - something between harp and hammered
dulcimer - very sharp but clear. I felt in love. Now I have this harp at home and I cant part from that. It's still experiment, so we have no idea
what this material will do in a future, so I have taskt to play it and carefully watch it. Well, it's hard press bamboo, so extreemly durable material
but on other side - inside is planty of chemical stuff, so who knows. But I also love idea of medieval shape (I love medieval times) and more
eastern material which fills my passion for oriental cultures. I will try to bring it to harfentreffen and I am very curious what Frank and other
harpmakers will say. :D

Here is very short video with harp I made mainly for Josef .... so forgive home atmosphere and me nearly in a night dress :-D

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Re: Bamboo harp :-) (just experiment of my friend)

Beitragvon harfenspieler » Di 25. Okt 2016, 21:01

Hi Jana
I like the bright sound!

The Guitar manufacturer "Takamine" made once some guitars of Bamboo.

Greetings from Switzerland,
Die etwas andere, vielsaitige Musik:

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Re: Bamboo harp :-) (just experiment of my friend)

Beitragvon Meeresbrise » Di 25. Okt 2016, 21:05

Yeah, why not? Bamboo is very strong and versatile. I agree that the sound is rather light and sparkly, but that may be just what you want sometimes. It also looks very well made, so Josef obviously knows his stuff. Congratulations to both of you.


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