My little Irish Harp Book – First Steps Made Easy for the young Beginner

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My little Irish Harp Book – First Steps Made Easy for the young Beginner

Beitragvon Reidun » Di 27. Feb 2018, 08:01

I'm delighted to announce the publication of a harp book for kids in English:

My little Irish Harp Book – Description

The tunes in this book have been chosen to suit very small harps*, and even harps without levers. (*a harp with 26 strings is a good start for the young student (ideally with F# and C# levers)).

The “Little Irish Harp Book” wants the harp to be used not only as a solo instrument but to take part in group activities, such as joining music sessions with other players. The tunes in this book are also suitable for tin whistle, fiddle, banjo, accordion or concertina etc.

Its pace and selection of tunes is aimed at young beginners from 5-12 years, music notation and theory is introduced gradually and in a playful manner.
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