blog - my harp journey in the early 90ies

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blog - my harp journey in the early 90ies

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At the First Harp Symposium in Plauen in 2019 I was asked to talk about my harp journey.

Before my memory fades, I decided to write it down & share it with you. I made a start with the first 2 chapters (to be continued).

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Re: blog - my harp journey in the early 90ies

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Thank you so much for sharing your memories! I remember very vividly being in the same harp making course back in 1991. I was just back from a trip to the US east coast, completely jet-lagged, but decided to cycle the 70 km distance from Marburg to the Mosenberg youth hostel, where the course took place. Three weeks and a lot of sanding dust later, I went back with my first Celtic harp (by train, that is :_wink_: ). Definitely a life-changing experience, and some very good memories attached to it! :_smile_:

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