Prague's harp meeting

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I forgot to mention one big number of evening concert

Josef and Johaness / what they did was hard to belive. Jo was playing harp while Josef recitated fairy tale in swedish and in the same time in czech. People were laying on the ground laughing like mad. I always knew that Josef is good comediant but he was simply GREAT!!!!!!!
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Congratulations dear Jana! I hope next year;-) I can join you in Prague, it sounds SO nice! Hope to see You in Lauterbach
ahoi Jonny :_cheesy_:
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Dear Jana,

your "little tea-party" sounds really nice! I can see the drops of adrenaline and joy coming out of my computer...
I am really awestruck and I hope you recover soon...
Many greetings to the great town of Prague. I´ve been there only once, but I loved it very much, especially the underground. (I mean, of course also the buildings and people ON the ground.)


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to all ... :_grin_: here is link to new update pages of festival. They are still only in czech language and english version is under construction, but you can see at least some photos there... just click to
FOTKY A OHLASY in black stripe menu and enjoy>

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